Zip Grip Jar Opener

$27.99 $13.99

Zip Grip Jar Opener

$27.99 $13.99

You are excited to taste your jar of jams and pickles but the lid is just too tight that it can almost injure your wrists. You twist but it slides. Your strength is defied by a jar. 

Don’t get too frustrated because now you can open any tightly sealed jar with ease! 

Bring out the secret weapon! The Zip Grip Jar Opener gives you the extra strength to unseal any size of jar.

It zips, grips and twists your jar lids open
  • It’s made of non-slip silicone rubber that tightly grips on your jar lid.Helps you twist it open so you’ll have a taste of whatever is in your jar in just seconds. Works well for slippery jars.
  • Gives you that extra strength if you have weak hands. You’ll use a little muscle with this tool and even your kids will find this useful when you’re not around to help them. 

Firmly grips & loosens ANY size of jar
  • Its unique zipper design allows you to use it on ANY size of jar.
  • Just adjust the zipper to fit your jar.

Made of silicone that’s free from harmful BPA
  • Don’t worry if the item accidentally touches your food. This opener is made of safe material that won’t contaminate food. 
Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
Stores easily. Just hang it somewhere around your kitchen and reach it anytime you need help opening your jar of treats.

No more slippery & hard to open jars with this opener. Get this simple yet reliable tool for opening jars NOW!


Material: Silicone

Size: 18cm x 2.5cm x 3cm

Package weight: 55g

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