Sliding Webcam Privacy Protector

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Sliding Webcam Privacy Protector

Hackers are smart! They have the skill to steal and share top-secret information, including your private moments! They can snap photos and take videos of you if your webcam is easily accessible.

Don’t just let this happen. OUTSMART THEM! Be vigilant and protect your privacy from online spies.

The Sliding Webcam Privacy Protector covers your webcam to keep your private moments safe with you.

Easily slides to cover the camera when not in use
  • You’ve probably used electrical tapes, or sticky notes to ensure that no one’s watching you from the other side of the Web. It sure is a temporary solution but this might damage your webcams. And of course, this makes it difficult for you to access cameras easily from time to time.
  • This webcam cover has a slider that allows you to switch from on-cam to off-cam moments with just one slide. 

Strong adhesive! Does not fall off
  • This privacy protector stays in place on any flat surface such as your laptop lid and other mobile devices.

Suitable for laptop webcams & more!
  • Compatible with all types of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones so you’re always fully protected whenever you use your gadgets. 

Slim design! Allow laptops to fully close
  • This is made from thin but sturdy plastic that lasts long. It measures 0.8 mm in thickness that you’ll have no trouble closing your laptops to full.
Keeps your private moments private for you and your family!
Try this webcam privacy protector NOW and keep hackers OFF your private life!


Materials: ABS, Metal

Dimension: 9cm x 19cm when collapsed, 9cm x 25cm when expanded

Thickness: 0.8mm

Weight: 0.8g

Colors: White, Black

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