Padded Cycling Underwear

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Padded Cycling Underwear

This Padded Cycling Underwear is a MUST HAVE for all cycling enthusiasts! 

Reduce discomfort & bruising and truly enjoy your rides again. With an Anti-Slip Strip to effectively prevent clothes rising during exercise. Made from elasticated nylon fabric to give a superior fit for your body. The perfect gift for all your cycling friends.

Curved cutting on the side edges, more suitable for the contour of the human body. Anti-microbial padded, with thickened pad, our underwear shorts can alleviate the pressure of your buttocks. 3D padded underwear shorts are made of high-quality mesh fabric which has fine air permeability, moisture absorption and sweat releasing properties. It can prevent you from any discomfort such as senses of greasy, or sticky while riding andkeep your skin breathing freely.

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