Herbal White Hair Covering Pen

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Herbal White Hair Covering Pen

Broad areas of white gray hair, sideburns and roots?

Cover unwanted areas of white-gray hair and roots! This Herbal White Hair Covering Pen is an instant solution to grey hair!

PERFECT COVER-UP for areas around the hairline, broad areas of white gray hair, sideburns and roots. Can also be used to cover receding hairline. Bring back the vitality of your beautiful hair just like magic.

SAFE ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENT made from natural herbal extract, non- toxic ingredients that will not damage your hair. No irritating feeling and naturally safe for skin and scalp.

SPECIAL FORMULATION that consist of 4 types of ionic pigments to repair damaged hair. It also has Nanomolecule pigments for long lasting color.

DESIGNED LIKE A PEN – for easy application and convenience and the chalk won’t be broken easily. No mess! Perfect solution to grey hair coverage!

EASY APPLICATION Just press the bottom part of the tube and apply to target area as if you are painting your hair. Apply evenly for maximum satisfaction. Dry and wash hair with water.  Dries in just 5 minutes!

WATER RESISTANT – Hair washing won’t lessen its effectiveness. It is long lasting and can withstand several hair washes. No dripping thanks to its water-resistant formulation.

TOUCH-UP SOLUTION ON THE GO – Perfect size for travel. Handy and compact design that fits in your pocket, bag or purse!

Get a younger look the natural way! Dye it with this Herbal White Hair Covering Pen! Buy yours NOW! 


Ingredients: Annatto, Jasminoides ellis, Arnebia

Net content: 20 ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Colors Available: Black, Brown

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