Fiber Optic Led Shoes

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Fiber Optic Led Shoes

ummer is almost here! Music festivals, concerts and late nights! Are you ready?

These light-up shoes will make you the STAR of any party!

These shoes will transform at the click of a button into any of 11 DIFFERENT MODES.

Fiber Optic Led Shoes

These amazing shoes will be sure to light up your night, all night. The batteries last a full 7 hours, which means you won’t need to recharge until those early mornings.

Perfect For Everyday Use!- These fiber optic shoes are the perfect everyday shoe as well. Sporting a simple, classy look that iscomfortable to wear throughout the day.

Come Alive in the Night-Time– as nice as they are to wear during the day, these babies come ALIVE in the night time. Don’t let their innocent, simplistic look during the day fool you.As soon as you flip the switch, they’ll start GLOWING up bring all night long!

Fiber Optic Led Shoes

  • Insanely cool and attractive for raves, concerts and festivals!
  • 11 colors you can switch through!
  • Temperature resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Fiber Optic cloth + Elastic sole for MAXIMUM comfort
  • USB rechargeable – charge them wherever!
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