Comfee-TM Pulse Trekking Mattress

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Comfee-TM Pulse Trekking Mattress


Save your breath, you don’t need to huff and puff to inflate the new ComfeeTM Pulse Trekking Mattress.

The specially designed valve and the inflating bag make it easy to let the air into the mattress, This valve is based on quick stream technology. You do not have to use any pump or use your mouth to fill up your camping mat anymore.

No huff and puff to a piece of plastic. Just make use of the Inflation bag attached to the special valve, to blow up your trekking mattress. The invertible release keeps the air inside the mattress so when you completed the blow-up part you can just de-attach the release and close the intake.

This special intake can also easily let out the air and you can just simply roll your ComfeeTM Pulse Trekking Mattress to a small package. In this was it is very compact which fits in every backpack. It is convenient to take it with you on all kinds of camping or trekking activities.

The ComfeeTM Puls Trekking Mattress is light weighted and durable, waterproof and makes it a perfect companion for picknicks and campsite use.

ComfeeTM Pulse Trekking Mattress Features:

  1. Rhombus design, better support, and ventilation, comfortable and easefull
  2. Made of double layered materials, outer is nylon TPU, and inner is TPU sealing coating, wear-resistant and waterproof;
  3. Double layered air valve, single inflation, and quick deflation;
  4. Just about 420g, ultralight and portable, easy to carry and store;
  5. The inflatable bag is not only a storage bag of the mat but also a waterproof bag.
  • Outdoor Activity: Camp
  • Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress by Naturehike
  • By Inflating Mode: Inflatable Bag
  • Material: Nylon TPU
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