Chop ‘n Slice Triple Blade Chopper

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Chop ‘n Slice Triple Blade Chopper

Hosting a party? Got little time left for cooking? Have no fear! Your perfect kitchen helper is finally here!

Chop, slice, mash, mince & mix with the Chop ‘n Slice Triple Blade Chopper in seconds!

Triple chopping blades & spring technology

Cut your cooking prep time into half! This triple blade and spring technology speeds up food preparation for effortless cooking. A single push makes three chops! 

Heavy-duty blades for solid ingredients

This sharp-bladed chopper can slice through solid fruits, vegetables and meat for efficient cutting. 

Leaves no scratches on your kitchenware

Chop on your board or your cookware, your kitchenware is safe from scratch and damage. 

Make food prep time fast & easy. TRY this triple-blade chopper NOW! 


Material: Silicone

Available Colors: Brown, Orange

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