Active Lifestyle Plus Knee Protector Belt

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Active Lifestyle Plus Knee Protector Belt

The Arthritis knee brace is a great way to help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. They’re especially effective for patients with osteoarthritis. Arthritis knee braces are designed for everyday use and may help patients live an active lifestyle with less pain. They do this by helping support the weight of the body on the unhealthy parts of the knee and shifting the pressure to the healthier areas. Because arthritis knee supports encourage mobility and activity, they also help reduce stiffness in the joint. This well-designed knee brace is lightweight, easy to wear, and won’t weigh you down. That’s what makes it so great for daily use!

Wearing this soft knee strap significantly:

  • Reduces pain levels during level walking
  • Reduces the time to complete a 10m walk
  • Increases knee confidence in walking

Two more ways a brace might help people who have knee arthritis:

  • Relieving kneecap pain. 
    When weakness or softness of cartilage under the kneecap causes pain, the knee brace, with a cutout for the kneecap, can help keep the bone in place and ease the pain. It should enable you to more comfortably exercise to strengthen the quadriceps, says Matt Holland, manager of physical therapy for the Methodist Center for Sports Medicine in Houston. 
  • Boosting confidence. 
    Many people report relief from knee pain with the knee brace. Experts believe these may help by providing warmth and compression, which may relieve swelling. The main benefit, however, may be psychological, says Holland. “It gives you a feeling of support and a reminder to be more careful of that knee when you’re physically active.”
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